Saturday, January 04, 2014

Christmas morning

Somebody got new lipstick from Santa, hehe.

And I'd been teasing Dada about asking for another dog for Christmas, so he got me a puppy. A paper puppy. Not quite what I had in mind...

The reactions are always fun at Christmas. This is Liam realizing he got the Skylanders he wanted this year, and Grandma Barb opening her abominable snow-feet (slippers!).

We figured Damon would have fun with the water painting tablets that Liam loved at three, and Carrie received the rainbow loom she'd been hoping for. We're now buried in rubber band bracelets.

Santa's note back to us said he'd run into the tooth fairy. The kids couldn't figure out why as none of them had lost teeth within the three days around Christmas. Then Liam spotted this gift under the tree:

And he also got Legos. I think we may rival Legoland in quantity...

Dada got to do quite a bit on online shopping for himself this year since he's kinda hard to shop for, so he got these... things. They're for ... holding other... things. Haha! You'll have to ask him about his presents.

And once again we had our tree "up high" to stay out of the Damonater's reach. I think next year the kids will do the tree themselves. But then there's the question of where we'll put Triskal..........
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