Sunday, May 25, 2014

Words Fail Me

We have 20 minutes before church and my computer is functioning at dinosaur speed, so this will be be brief.

What have we been up to? How about I tell you what's happening NOW.

Carrie is having hysterics over Lego videos on YouTube where the poor Lego man is trying to go shopping, but can find no parking place, gets the obnoxious shopping cart, causes a shopping cart traffic jam, gets out just in time to find that everything is sold out. Sad.

Liam and Damon are talking about farts, throwing pillows (aHA! So THAT's why they're called "throw pillows") at each other and have been admonished to not injure themselves or each other in the 20 minutes before we head out the door.

Triskal is pretending to be anywhere other than here. Preferably somewhere with snow. She hasn't had her summer haircut yet.

Dada is out playing with his friends. The chicken is bubbling merrily in the crock pot (I don't have to think about dinner, yay!) The kid laundry is in the washer, sudsing away. The lilacs are blooming and making my house smell much better as they waft in the front window. Dada's garden is started, the cilantro looks like it's excited to be taking over, and the garlic is incredibly happy-looking. The kitchen sink is full though the dishwasher is empty, it's been around 80 degrees for three days in a row, and the pollen count is ridiculous. I keep waiting to hang out laundry but the bar graphs for pollens have been either "high" or "very high" pretty much since it stopped snowing. Oh well.

These Lego videos are disturbing.

Anyway, the kids have only 9 (NINE!!!!!!) days left of the school year before they're home for their 10.5 weeks (TEN AND A HALF WEEKS! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS! Rhymes with "shrieks"!) They are in varying stages of denial and rejoicing. Carrie has been in tears already about not wanting to leave elementary school while Liam can't get out of there fast enough. They've both been blessed with excellent teachers and teams who have been patient, encouraging, and absolutely excellent all year. So blessed.

We painted a bedroom for Carrie. Damon's room had been taupe but it's now "happy camper" which is a dark green. The wall with the window remained taupe as an accent wall, and the trim isn't replaced yet because we're still deciding on flooring options.

The boys' room will be yellow (surprise!) and chocolate. That means dark brown to you non-native Damon speakers. There will be one wall of dark brown while the other three will be bright yellow, there are dark brown curtains on the window already, and we've ordered those colorful dot wall decals to break up some of the yellow. I'm excited to see the finished product and less excited about the mess we need to make before we get there. I think everyone will be out in a tent while we do all this... and then there's the whole switching of closets that needs to be done... *panic*...

Time to rally the troops. Have a wonderful weekend being thankful for our freedoms- thank a vet- enjoy your cheeseburgers and chips and brats and wear sunscreen and don't drink and boat and all that. =) 

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