Monday, September 28, 2015

Moon, moon, pretty moon, with two eyes, a nose, and a smile... (and other stuff)

Did anyone get to see the fancy schmancy moon last night? We got to see it at about half and then a tiny sliver and then the clouds took over and we haven't seen it since. I've seen photos by friends of friends that are terrific, but we just weren't in a good spot, apparently. 

Anyhoo, it was another whirlwind weekend. Friday afternoon our poor Pepe the Pilot was scheduled to have a tire checked out as it had been losing air. On my way to our Honda dealer, two separate Good Samaritans pulled alongside me to let me know it was flat. Once I got there, I was sadly informed that there was a hole in the sidewall and it was irreparable. We knew we were in the market for tires anyway, so it came as no surprise, really. 

Once Pepe was all fixed up and road-tested and reset, I headed home, a bit too late to get the Thingz to karate. We went to the park to meet the rest of our home group and the kids had a great evening running around into dark. 

Saturday morning meant we had to get up and make up the karate class we missed on Friday, so up we got and did class. Then we raced home to finish packing for Boy Scout camping down the road at the historical museum. I made several trips back to our house to feed the dog, put the dog away for the night, let the dog out first thing Sunday morning, etc. I got back in time for tear-down and breakfast:

That was the line for pancakes, sausage, hot chocolate, juice, milk, and coffee. 

I forgot to mention there was some of this the night before:

This is the hot dog, the uncooked hot dog, that this child snatched from the table and began to eat, along with his bread.

Whose children are these anyway?

Said hot dog was snatched back, stuck on the above grill, and cooked as it was supposed to be, then returned to above child. What a nut.

Speaking of nuts, and seeds, this child found these:

And learned that they're way easier to cast if they're dry and fluffy instead of matted together straight out of the pod. It didn't stop her from spreading them with glee, it just slowed her down. I suppose she is her mother's child.

Oh, no, she can't be, because check out what she found in the creek behind the house once we got home:

Yes, that would be a bin full of snails. I ask you...

And look at the mess on the porch from that girl and those boots! Good thing PaPa wasn't here. He'd have had canaries. 

I can't believe there's an entire post about Boy Scout camp with no pictures of the Boy Scout. Shameful. He was there, I swear, drinking cups of hot cocoa, throwing footballs, hollering to gazillions of other boys, and generally having a good time. 

They all want to go back.

They can go back with their father.