Friday, January 08, 2016


I suppose if you're new to this blog in 2016 you wouldn't yet be aware that I am a Procrastinator. That's why this post will be funny. I actually took pictures of the kids ahead of time. 

I know, right!?

Actually, I can't even claim to be that organized. The weather has been exceedingly cooperative and I'm sure it can't last, so I wanted to commemorate our lovely snow-less situation for posterity.

These were taken January 7, 2016 at around 8 AM:

I will attempt to continue taking photos midmonth for comparing and contrasting purposes, but there was no sense in letting that gorgeous morning light go to waste while I could feel my fingers.

It remains too dark to get any shots of Carrie at just after 7 AM, but we'll get there eventually. Of course, she might die a thousand deaths if I take the camera to the bus stop and take pictures in front of her associates on the bus. God forbid any two of the 20 kids be awake or not already absorbed in whatever screen they're watching...

Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow is our 17th anniversary (poor Dada has put up with me for a long time) and I'm delighted that it should also be snow-free. We had enough snow, freezing rain, ice, and sleet on our wedding day to last for the rest of my life! Cheers to my sweet hubby!