Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life is Messy

Apologies to those of you who read this blog for a giggle or an anecdote about the kids and their shenanigans. This is not that post. We've been out of commission for awhile because we were losing and then lost our Grandma Barb who went to be home with the Lord. 

And, clearly, I shouldn't have put on makeup today before I sat down to post this.

Anyway, she fought the good fight against the one-two punch from cancer and Alzheimer's. Her children were all able to visit her in her last earthly days and then she was absolutely surrounded during her viewings and funeral service. She would have absolutely loved the flowers which came from everywhere imaginable. 

And she would have been incredibly touched that those who showed up for her, and for us. She was truly loved and will be sorely missed.

Uncle Kelly delivered the sermon, Uncle Rob and Aunt Jana provided special music, and Dada and Aunt Sherri both contributed personal memories during the service.

None of them are the best pictures ever, but you get the general idea.

There were plenty of tears, but there was also laughter at funny memories and smiles over a life well lived.

And adorable grandchildren.

Afterward, some were more than willing to have pictures taken and some were not.

Back at the house, we had more time to hang out and regroup. The cousins really did have a good time together, as always, and the big people enjoyed each other's company as well.

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. The heck with resting in peace. Have a blast in Heaven, Grandma Barb, until we all get there to join you!

We love you and miss you already. 

Barbara Ann 
March 15, 1946- March 10, 2016