Sunday, September 25, 2016

Da da dadaDA... 3000!

Wow, you guys, this is my 3000th post, and I don't even have anything that exciting to say! =/ Bummer!

We've been in the wake-up, get-up, go to school, do homework and dinner and get in the car for karate, come home and go to bed routine that is typical of autumn. Throw in church and friends and home group starting back up and gorgeous weather and an overgrown garden and germs, and you pretty much have our life.

Last weekend, Pap showed up on his birthday to hang out with Dada as I piled all the kids in the car and trekked to PA for one of our infamous Whirlwind Weekends. We collapsed at Grandmama and PaPa's house Friday night. Carrie came with me to a funeral Saturday morning, then we headed to a friend's daughter's third birthday party in the afternoon and then went from there straight towards to Pittsburgh to meet with my BFF and her girls for munchies. Sunday brought a trip to my Nana's hometown where Carrie and I visited her in the hospital while Aunt Lainie watched the boys at Nana's apartment. We all piled back into the car, headed home after lunch, and Damon announced he had a huge headache. Sent him to bed only to have him miss the next two days of school with a fever and sore throat. Dr. Jon declared him strep-free, so it was back to school on Wednesday for him, much to his delight.

Now Liam has gone to bed with a bad headache and he feels warm to me. =/ They say that history repeats itself...

Dada and Carrie were mowing while I did laundry and dishes. Damon played on the iPad to keep him quiet while Liam slept. Now I need to go fold said laundry and get ready for this week. Have a good one, everybodeeeee!