Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dark Arts Fest

So there's this phenomenon called the Black Swamp Arts Fest which has admittedly had its name butchered on more than one occasion by my family. I blame the Harry Potter series. We've called it the "Dark Arts Fest" because "Black Swamp, Dark Swamp, Dark Arts, whatsitsname, oh well" seems to roll of our tongues.

Anyhoo, it features artists of all sorts from all over the place. There are fun sculptures of gears and metal, many knitted thingamajigs, tons of paintings, prints, etc. There is also more than a few booths of jewelry. 

And a food court. 

And bands. Including the Japanese Taiko drums from the college.

The school kids contribute some art to line shop windows and they paint on the snow plows:

And food. There is Kettle Korn, above.

I did mention food, right? 

Succumbing to the lure of elephant ears, below:

It alternately sprinkled and was hot and sunny, so we were glad we had our raincoats as we perused and meandered and wandered the Dark Arts, darn it, Black Swamp Arts Fest!

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