Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Backtrack to a Birthday

So this kid had a birthday. He turned 11 on Halloween and he wanted an Illuminati on his birthday cake. 

As they say, "I have no explanation," other than I blame Nicholas Cage in "National Treasure" and my mention that my Pap Pap was a Mason...

I think the cake had Minion undertones and I cracked myself up when I noticed what shirt he wore as he blew out the candles.

We did cake over the weekend, knowing from experience how crazy Trick or Treat prep is. We never get to enjoy the cake when we're blasting through dinner to make it outside in time for the start of the candy hunt. Since his birthday wasn't until Monday, we kind of spread out the activities and treats. 

When Monday rolled around, he got a beautiful sunrise for his birthday:

And a golden tree showing off just for him.

And lotsa welcome-to-eleven love from his Dada.

And the party and parade complete with costumes at school, naturally.

He had made a birthday wishlist:

1. DS 2. Nerf "ring of fire" gun 3. watergun (like Damon's) 4.a watch 5. waterbaloon stash 6. Lego Star Wars Kilo Ren set
7.boomerang 8. remote controlled drone 9.lazer light 10. Lego Minecraft set 11. scateboard 12.pokemon deck set 13. ipod 14. iphone 15.Nerf football 16.Swiss army card

They don't call 'em wishlists for nothin'.

He did get a few of those items and a few were squirreled away for Christmas presents. Those of you who know us at all know that iPhones and iPads were not on the "bought" lists. Sadly, neither is the remote controlled drone.

He DID acquire a foam boomerang which has already been stuck and rescued from multiple locations. I'm not sure who has been more entertained by that one...

Special thanks to Grandmama for the Minion bag of loot. He was delighted and I'm finding things from it everywhere that he didn't have time to open on his birthday. He gave it quick once-overs of glee and then we had to get ready, which meant a little more prep on some of our behalfs/behalves(?) than others. 

Harpo Marx with his horn staff, the Blue Power Ranger,

and Poseidon in handmade armor. Makeup and hair by Mama, costume help by Dada.

Speaking of Dada, he went as a Dia de los Muertos inspired sugar skull:

And I impersonated Abby, the lovable forensic scientist from NCIS. Definitely one of my favorite costumes! 


Our sweet next door neighbors took this family photo of us:

This Power Ranger powered down right in the big chair. Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!