Thursday, December 01, 2016

Fall fun

Just what have we been up to? Look at that face!

Oh, a little of this and a little of that. I have another Mystery Adventure to blog and this weekend kicks off the first of the holiday parties and then there's the Thanksgiving post to do... eh, you get the idea. Your schedule probably looks very similar!

But for now, here are some snapshots of what These3Thingz have been up to in the last beautiful days of November:

What a gorgeous fall. We certainly don't get to complain about weather. God is good, all the time, and especially for providing mild weather when we were waiting for our new heating system to be installed. That's another post waiting to happen. 

The kids have already gotten midterm grades for their second quarter of the school year, and today is the first day of December. I'm not at all sure where 2016 went- it sure whisked right past me! Our days continue to be a mix of school, karate, homework, household chores, and as much fun on the fly as we can fit in. 

We hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and that you take the time to enjoy the anticipation of the season this Advent. It may be, perhaps, that our Christmas tree has been up since our Christmas in JULY party, but that doesn't mean that I will get around to Christmas cards or extra decorating or all the baking I'd like to do. The same may be true for you. Just remember to take good care of yourself in what can be an insanely stressful, busy, overwhelming time of year. It's not meant to be. We do that. It's meant to remind us of an incredible gift of love that costs us nothing to accept. So put down that dratted Elf on the Shelf, schedule some time for coffee with a friend so that you have a little bit of breathing room, and look for the best in each person and each day. Happy holidays!