Monday, January 23, 2017

Oops, I did it again...

I'm not alone in my state of holy-cow-it's-already-three-weeks-into-January-ness, so there's comfort in knowing I'm not alone in the state of my unbegunst (hahaha, now THAT should be a new word!) resolutions or the fact that I completely spaced it last week when I should have taken a mid-month photo of the boys at the bus stop.


It just dawned on me this morning that it hadn't even crossed my mind to do it, not just that I'd forgotten to upload it or blog it. Never even took it. I guess getting back into our school groove took more out of us than I thought. It's still too dark to get any of Carrie while she's out there, a fact which was brought home to me this morning. One of the bus riders had sketched a smiley face on the window and was backlighting it with some sort of electronic device so that I could see it. It made me giggle as I walked back into the house before discovering that the boys A) weren't dressed, B) weren't yet eating, and C) very likely to not be alive long enough for me to take their picture at the bus stop...

So to use one of Dada's favorite Steven King/ Roland Deschain-isms, "I cry your pardon." I'll try harder to be awake in the morning mid month so I can get that picture! I suppose the next one will be a Valentine!