Monday, November 13, 2017

And yet another karate graduation

We officially have two certified black belts and a red/black belt in the house now. Carrie and Liam received their certificates on Saturday confirming that their six month probationary period is over and they are full-fledged karate black belts. Damon wrapped up his six month red belt cycle with honors and was promoted to red/black, the final six months before he earns his black belt, provided he passes all of his black belt testing this spring.  Naturally we have millions of pictures, but I shall take pity on you and try to limit myself to only some. We have been experiencing technical difficulties this morning, most likely user error, so please bear with me. 

These kiddos have worked their bums off. It's not always been pretty, and they haven't always wanted to go, but they have stuck with it for over three years and it was fantastic to see their hard work pay off. We are really proud of them physically being able to do it but more so the perseverance of sticking with it even when they didn't feel like it, when it would have been much easier on everyone to sit on the couch and watch Netflix and eat junk. But they practiced and showed up and tested and practiced some more, and now here they are! Great job, you guys! Enjoy your success!

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