Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Two bits

And then there were none. Hairs, that is. Carrie officially has the longest hair in our household, and she can actually get it into a half-inch ponytail. Me? Not so much:

Thanks to Mommee, Lainie, Jessie, and Theresa for the scarves and head wraps. Adding them to my bandanna stash, nobody will ever know the difference since they're so used to seeing me in them already! Hehe!

So far, I still have eyebrows and eyelashes. One of my Docs ruefully told me I may still have to shave my legs. Talk about a lack of justice. Sheesh. ;)  My other Doc said my hair will grow back, and probably curly. Then I will look exactly like my mother! At least now Merida hair for the summer, whoohoo!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely adorable!! I'm wondering if anyone has asked you to rub your head? You know, like we do to the guys when they get that really neat crew cut??? If not, I call getting to be the first one!!!! I love you!!!!!

Sherri Hammil said...

Ugh I forgot to put my name in on the "anonymous" post That means no one knew I get first dibs!!! Rats!!!! Well, now you know!!!!

Kevin C. said...

I still have a huge stash of bandanas from our Highlands days. Even a few CAPNWP bandanas. Shoot me an address and I'll share some Highlands love for you to wear.