Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bathroom badness?

I think my temper has cooled enough to safely blog about this now. Please forgive any sailor talk that sneaks its way into this post.

Yesterday our darling daughter got up early from her nap. I knew she hadn't slept and sent her back to bed. She complained that her books were not in her room. I told her they were right outside her door, to get them, to shut her door, and to read in bed. At least 3 times. She turns around to go back upstairs and I hear... nothing.

That should have gotten my attention.

Alas, I had other matters to attend to; our charming son had once again pooped through his diaper and outfit and Sharon's bouncy seat. (Sorry! Argh! It's clean now...) So as I'm literally wiping him off from stem to stern and soaking his clothes, etc. I hear a frantic "I'm making a mess!" which I didn't hear for the first few times because I was in the laundry room w/ the water running. As I climb the stairs, leaving our boy half naked on the floor with the sun (!) in his eyes, I hear it again: I'm making a mess! I'm thinking, I know she's in pull ups and she's already pooped and there's nothing in her room to make a mess with so what...

at which point I make it to the bathroom.

Those of you who have visited us know we have a basket on the back of the toilet in the guest bathroom, which is also Carrie's bathroom. It's full of shampoos, lotions, etc. for guests so you all don't have to bring your entire bathroom closet with you when you come. She'd found and upended (gleefully, I'd bet) a travel sized lotion. It was all down her pants, all over the bathroom rug, all over the bathroom floor, and she had what can only be called a pile of it in her outstretched hand. And she is yelling at me about the mess she made. Where in the brain of a two and a half year old (or anyone's brain for that matter) does it seem like a good idea to pour lotion all over creation? I suppose I should be thankful it wasn't bubble bath or nail polish remover or something worse. I suppose I should be glad it was only travel sized.

That's still an awful lot of lotion. Have you ever emptied one of those in one sitting?!

After I finished tearing out my hair, she went back to bed. Without books.

Be careful on our bathroom floor. As they say in Da Burgh, it's slippy. *sigh*

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