Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Contenders

In this corner, a 30 some pound 4 year old human female. With scissors.

In this corner, a 100 pound 2 year old female Newfoundland.

Who will win?

I can answer this question. Said females are closed into a large kennel together, unsupervised. (What can I say, it was break time and we were all having naps. Apparently, we were not ALL having naps...) The aforementioned Newfoundland apparently lays there, as good as gold, as the aforementioned human child proceeds to dispatch her of her whiskers, the end of her tail fur, some of the fur on her head, ear, and shoulder. We didn't see any blood, but poor Triskal is going to be slightly drafty on her left side. She might need a good buzzing come spring just to even everything out!

The moral of the story is to never, ever assume that just because human children are allowed to use scissors at preschool that getting another pair for home use would be a good idea! The scissors have been confiscated for 4 days, since the human child is four.

Dada and I came down from break to see a pile of hair all over the living room floor. Noticing that Triskal had indeed not spontaneously combusted, Dada asked Carrie if she'd cut Triskal's hair with scissors. We were told at least 4 times, "no, Dada." When Triskal came out of the kennel and had obvious hack marks all over her, the truth came out. "Yes, Dada." So Carrie is cleaning up all the hair, inside kennel and out, and has her scissors MIA for 4 days. Oyyyy vey. Glad we can bring you all some Christmas cheer!

Mama: 0, Carrie: 1

On a positive note, said scissors were a big hit. The kids got markers, coloring books, headbands, barrettes and underwear for her, Nerf balls for him, lots of books and cars and fun small things. Pa Pa will be coming for New Year's, so we're looking forward to having him. It was great to have Grandmama out here last weekend. Dada and I even had a much needed overnight getaway!

Have a very merry rest of Christmas day and we hope your day is a little less eventful than ours!


Jenny Powell said...

oh my goodness val! if you get any pictures of triskal - you've got to post them! wow. yep, you have your hands full! :) merry christmas!

Noj said...

okay, I know this wasn't probably funny for you and Scott, but this is hilarious. I love your kids!

ConnieJ said...

Ok, I know I shouldn't be laughing so hard but I really am right now! That is such a precious story! I promise, it happens to every family.