Thursday, November 29, 2012

November mornings

We've had some absolutely gorgeous sunrises this month. I'm not usually a sunrise person, because that means I am up entirely too early for my natural preferences, but this time of year the sun comes up right as the big kids are getting ready for school. They're usually putzing their way through breakfast when I wrench open the sliding glass door curtains and voila, there's the sun. It gives them a little perspective of the big picture, and they like to talk about God using all his paints. ;)

Alas, no fog delays lately, but I love the dewdrops or fogdrops or whatever that are all over the tree. For me, life really is about the little things. They can be either the biggest blessings or the biggest annoyances, and a lot of it depends on your attitude at any given minute. I was teasing the big kids about the drama they bring to our lives and overdid my example: I have a hangnail. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! Wouldn't you know it, that's what Damon picked up on? He flings his arms wide and yells (and I mean YELLS) something that sounds like, "I havahada. It's da eddada WOLD!" Followed by hysterical giggles. Where was I? Oh, fogdrops... 
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