Monday, January 21, 2013


I was getting ready to type out the quotes for all y'all when my screen went *BLIP* and then darkness prevailed. Turns out the Damonater had flipped off the power strip switch, again, and I don't even get a "you will run out of power in 20 seconds" message. My battery for this laptop is about as effective as a... let me see, how to say it best... as a jar of olives when you're craving chocolate chip cookies. Some things just can't be done.

Now that we are rebooted, again, let's get to it. I've found that less is more, so we'll cover about a third of the poster board today. Then I can pretend to catch up on my Bible study.
Mama to Liam, who is playing on the Wii: I love you.
Liam: I know.
Mama: That's not what you say! I love you.
Liam: I know.
Mama: I love you most.
Liam: I love you more.
Mama: I love you MOST.
Liam: I love YOU most.
Mama: Nuh uh. I love YOU most.
Liam: I love YOU MOST.
Mama: No way, Jose. I love YOU most.
Liam: Will you stop messing with me!?
(Mama won!)  ;)

Liam: Was that her birthday present? Was that her birthday present? Was that her birthday present?
Mama: LIAM! Stop asking me the same thing without waiting for an answer!
Carrie: What'd he ask?
Mama: !
Liam: Nothing you need to worry about.
Damon, 2 1/2: I so MAD!
Carrie: I forget what "bad" is in Spanish. Badio?
Mama: You can't just add i-o to make Spanish! Otherwise you'd be an idiotio.
Carrie, cracking up: Sounds about right!
Damon, 2: WHEAT! WHEAT! (He means "wait!")
Mama gives some kind of example, then: Is that mean, or parenting?
Dada: Both.
Damon, with any phone: Yellow? Buh bye.
Mama to Carrie, age 9 1/2 : Why are there MARSHMALLOWS in your FROSTED FLAKES!?!?!??!
Liam, during Oregon-like misty rain: It's fizzing out here!
Dada, observing the moon phase on the weather channel: Oh good! Maybe the moon will do my car. *long pause* It's waxing!
Liam after a loooooooooooooooooooooooong bath: I AM SUPER PRUNE!
Mama: Guess we should all look at life like Mike Wizowski from Monsters, Inc.
Dada: What, through one eye?
(I MEANT positively.)
Liam at a parade: Here come the cheerleaders. I LOVE THIS PART!
Damon, 2: Ah biwds! Ah biwds! (Angry Birds)
Mama, dishing out crock pot yield: Carrie, do I need to tell you this is superdidooper hot?
Carrie: Yeah, probably.
Mama: Carrie, it is superdidooper hot.
Carrie: Okay. Wait, what is?
Liam, in exasperation, while watching PBS sponsor segments: EVERYTHING is brought to us by Chuck E Cheese!