Monday, January 28, 2013

Ups and Downs

I may only have nanoseconds before Damon is up from his nap. Poor guy has a stuffy-then-runny nose, is still coughing, and now has goopy, pink eyes. Looks like tonight we'll skip the Y and tomorrow instead of moms' group we'll be hitting the drive thru pharmacy for some eye drops. Then Wednesday after school he'll get his flu shot, along with Care Bear getting her flu mist. I wish the weather would be a little more cooperative. I think the germs are fluctuating as much as the temperatures! Bleah.

What else is up? Um, Carrie has 3 tests this week: Social Studies tomorrow, Math on Thursday, and Spelling on Friday. As the freezing rain came down last night, we got a 2 hour delay this morning. There's a scheduled 2 hour delay Wednesday, too!

It's down to crunchtime because the big kids will be home any minute from school as well. The Christmas tree is down but the Christmas cards I taped on the Wii cabinet are still up. I left a big string of Christmas lights up, because they make a wonderful downtime nightlight in the evenings before bed.

I filled up all three bird feeders this morning and marveled at the slush outside. It's almost all gone now. I hear tomorrow it'll be up to 52 degrees- positively balmy after last week's single digit temps.

The flowers I got for my birthday (I'm getting up there) from Dada are still perked up. I hauled all the sheets back up and made all the beds- except Carrie's, because she can do it herself.

And now Damon's up! And now you're up to date. ;)