Thursday, February 21, 2013

February frizzle

Is it just me, or is anyone else surprised that it's still February? People look at me like I'm crazy, but I swear it is the. longest. month. of. the. year. And another week to go, yippie!

Tomorrow is the big fourth grade science fair. Miss Carrie spent last Saturday outside (it was freezing), shaking cans of pop and measuring how high they'd fizz when opened. She presented her facts and findings and decorated her tri-fold cardboard background, today gave her talk to her own class, and gets to have the school and parents wander around her classroom tomorrow while the kids all explain their projects.  Her only homework tonight was to go to bed early.

She proceeded to pickle herself in the bathtub and take her usual sweet old time picking up after herself and then was mad at me when she didn't have any time leftover for screen time. She'd wanted to play one round of a video game on my phone. I sent her to bed 7 minutes before bedtime. She mumbled from the top bunk, "well. I'm not going to sleep. No screen time, no sleep."

I refrained from kicking her to the moon. I even made some parental comment like, "well, then it's your choice to be tired and crabby when you know how long of a day you'll have tomorrow." I left it at that and left the room.

Miss Wormwood, can I borrow your bottle of Maalox for a few sips a large chug? Thanks.


And a special thanks to PaPa for coming to keep us company this week. It was great to run errands all by my lonesome, in the snow, while Damon got to play with his PaPa. The big kids were delighted to see him Tuesday, especially since I hadn't told them he was coming. Thanks for the visit! We all loved it. Glad you made it home safe. xoxoxo

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