Saturday, February 02, 2013

Phil is full of baloney

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone. In case you hadn't heard, I just checked on good old Punxsutawney Phil and he did not see his shadow. This means that he's predicting an early spring.

Did he LOOK outside!? I don't know about all y'all, but my first thought when I looked outside this morning was, "why the $#(% is it snowing!?" Hmm. I guess it IS February. We have a few inches out there and I almost got bowled over by the wind when I went out to fill up our three bird feeders.

I'm betting they couldn't even FIND Phil, much less haul that poor beast out into the lights to watch his bright, beady little eyes frantically finding a spot he can hop safely down to. Let the poor guy sleep. He's smarter than us.

In other news, we've now had a full round of pinkeye. Liam succumbed yesterday, thankfully after the school week was finished. Damon and Carrie on on their next-to-last day of meds and he started his last night. I didn't have plans for this weekend anyway, but now it REALLY looks like we'll be staying in. Dada has contracted a cold, probably from Damon sneezing directly into his face on more than one occasion, and faces a week in Canada where it's going to be "brrrchillycold!" Poor thing. I am trying really hard to stay hydrated and stay out of sneezing range, but I fear the entire house is a big zone of germs. Welcome to February, my most hated month. Thank goodness for only 28 days of it this time around.

The school year is halfway over already, which seems unbelievable and "thank goodness" already. The big kids were up at 5:30- oh five freaking thirty!- this morning, which is Saturday, but it is absolutely all they can do to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and use the bathroom starting at 7 AM on weekdays. Grandmama and I joke about Carrie having to sleep in her school clothes once middle school starts. There is just no way.

Dooty calls. Must go change a diaper I can smell clear over here. Today will not be the day I can drink a cup of coffee uninterrupted. And I have plans for those big kids, *insert mental image of me rubbing my hands together like an evil villain here*, plans that involve lots and lots of cleaning since we're housebound! The early bird may not be able to find the worm because of the snow, but they know exactly where the vacuum, Windex, and paper towels are. Muahahahahahahahaha!