Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disney teaser

We did Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. It was HOT but we had a fabulous day. Those are the pictures I haven't sorted yet, so expect another big post in the next few days. We did the teacups (well, the kids and I did, because poor Dada would have hurked), Ariel's Grotto- which is absolutely adorable, the Peter Pan ride- which was surprisingly charming for being a smaller kid ride, Splash Mountain- which terrorized Carrie but she went on twice, the mining ride that was over there somewhere, the big kids went on the Aladdin magic carpet ride with me, and I had my maiden voyage on Space Mountain. AWESOME! Carrie went on it with uncle Rob and aunt Jana and she claims she almost threw up.

Holy schnikes! I quit! I just landed on Pacific Avenue that has FOUR HOUSES AND A HOTEL ON IT!!! Game over. Stink. All I have left are 10s and 20s! =/

Anyway, Space Mountain rocked. I think it was better that it was all in the dark and you couldn't see what was coming. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!

And to her credit, she was standing on her own two feet by the time we saw her, post-ride.

Hang on, tallying Monopoly winnings...