Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Settling into the Manor

Our gorgeous rental house in Florida was called the Manor. It was by everything imaginable, but what made it the best of the best was the 7 bedrooms and the lanai around the pool. It was amazing to not have to be scooping bees and wasps out of the pool and get eaten alive by mosquitos. We got to enjoy the butterflies and dragonflies and stayed safe from the horseflies and birds. I did get to see some bird I didn't recognize, and he sang all kinds of different songs. I wonder if maybe he was a mockingbird. He sat on the peak of the roof of the next door neighbor and sang, trilled, chirped, and twittered his heart out. It was the neatest thing. I have no pictures of him. =( But, I do have adorable shots of that cutest of babies, baby Noah! See? There he is with his handsome daddy, uncle Rob.

Liam has always adored babies, and Noah was no exception. Here they are having guy talk. =)


Here's Noah's big sister, Neva. We had 7 kids from not-quite-one to 10 years old. Three of them were newly minted three year olds or almost three!
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