Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Girlfriends old and new

Oops, forgot this one. These are the kids in Aunt Sherri's car the weekend Dada and I went to camp. They gave us hardly a backward glance as they all piled in for THEIR adventure. They would gladly move in with her!

And this is my new friend Isabella. Isn't she darling? Her mom, Mar, and I have been friends since 7th grade. SEVENTH GRADE. Holy cow, we are old...

Anyway, Mar was kind enough to drag this poor, sweet baby out on a Saturday night to come meet us at Eat N Park during our camp weekend. She's just perfect, Mar!

My beautiful BFF Lisa came up too. Nothing like girlfriends past, present, and future!

I would certainly not be the mom or the woman I am without these two awesome women. I am more thankful for their friendship than I can ever express. Thank you, Lisa, for putting up with me since I was 6! And Mar, looking forward to getting into shenanigans with little miss Isabella. If she is anything at all like you, look out! ;)  Love you all!
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Yvette Potter said...

Just visiting to share in the world of Val. It is a warm and sunny place that makes me smile. You could even call your blog "Yvette's Happy Place". Love YOU!