Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hiking About

Okey dokey, this post is mainly for Aunt Chris, who misses PA woods. They're a month old already, but it was the best I could do with my iPhone as it was drizzly all day and I didn't want to take the real camera out. Enjoy!


Above is the view from the top of the zipline.

Above, Zak playing on the drywall stilt "toys" that Eric brought.

Below is the view to the top of the zipline from below.

Above is Table Rock, one of the favorite camp picnic spots. There's a good swimming hole here too and small waterfalls upstream.

Below is the bottom of The Admiral, which is a rather strenuous hike in dry weather but can get absolutely treacherous (and therefore much more fun and satisfying) when wet and slippery. For Owl Patrol, we used to position counselors up and down it to help the campers hike it in the dark. Awesome.

If anyone knows the name of this landmark, please let us know! It's on the way back from the top of the Admiral, but is below the path. Off the beaten trail, so to speak. We checked the map in the dining hall, but we didn't think it was listed...

Shrooms and pretty leaves!
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