Friday, June 27, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense

There's a new post over on Telling It Like It Is, for those of you who like to really make the Internet work for you. Hehe. It's an "I Spy" funny that I hope you'll enjoy. It is an extremely accurate snapshot of our house these days.

In other news, Dada gets home from a week in London today, huzzah! He took Tiny Traveling Tino with him and got a few shots of Tino with the Tower Bridge in the background. Somewhere he also found a tiny soccer ball, so Tino has been having some World Cup fun, apparently!

Grandma Barb and Pap are coming today to join the kids for the VBS picnic and closing celebration. Things One and Three have had a very high-energy, fun, exciting week. Tonight will be face painting, inflatables, games, picnic food, probably a video of clips from throughout their week.

The theme was Wilderness Experience, so Moses has put in quite a few appearances. It was a hoot last night to watch him in full costume performing the alternating kicks that increase in speed for the Shalom song. I think everyone will be disappointed to have the week come to an end. The crafts have been very cute and the music is catchy. I might just have to listen to some of it today on my trip today. Or maybe I'll give it a one-night break...

I'll be having dinner with Thing Two and will take him for a quick stay at Grandmama and PaPa's tonight before we head home. He's survived his first whole week at camp without any family around. I can't wait to hear about all the water balloons he encountered or who went down the Slip N Slide face first or who fell out of the canoe or who lost their suit at the water park. He'll probably talk the whole way home.

Have a safe, wonderful weekend everyone!