Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The word of the day

Some words and phrases endure the test of time. Just this morning, I learned that in Biblical times they used the phrase "from Abel to Zechariah" to sum up the deaths of the martyrs. One would think it was from A-Z, but it was actually because 2 Chronicles came at the end of the Hebrew writings and that's where Zechariah is murdered in the temple while Abel is the first innocent human death. My Bible notes that it was equivelant to our "from Genesis to Revelation"... interesting!

My brother is a victim of an enduring name. Long, long ago the little brother of his friend across the street couldn't say "Andrew" and coined "Hinrew." It stuck, and we've shortened it to "Hin". Even my kids call their uncle "Hinrew". In fact, my brother doesn't even answer me when I call him "Andy" because he doesn't think I could be talking about him. We've called him Hin for years!

A few springs ago, Liam coined "flowerful" to describe trees in bloom. We've used it ever since. Carrie once commented on "little beeps of hurt" when describing an owie. That's also endured.

I think Damon just coined a keeper this week. He got out of the tub and declared "my piddies are pickley." I asked if he meant "prickly" and he said, "no, PICKLEY." I think I like pickley way better than pruney.

                                 *   *  *    *   *   *  *

Carrie is with my parents this week while she attends day camp. She's doing a stop-motion photography class again. I can't wait to see what her Legos are doing in her movie.

The boys and I joined friends first thing yesterday morning and picked strawberries for an hour. We tried a new-to-us farm called Hoen's and came home with a flat of beautiful, flavorful berries for less than $16. I've got a tray of frozen berries and more to still process, if Damon will stop sneaking them and let me get through them before he eats them all.

We started Splash week at the Y yesterday, also, which means that for half an hour every day this week we'll all be in the pool. Liam is in a class while I'm in the water with Damon in a separate class. Perfect for a super hot, humid week!

Last night after my Y class, I had the boys hop on their bikes and they rode around the parking lot adjacent to our neighborhood. Liam moaned and groaned the whole way there, then did awesome in the actual parking lot. We only had one spill (Damon, accelerating too quickly down the slight downgrade into the lot) but there wasn't any blood and he got back on, rode, and then made it the whole way home without mishap. Once we got home, they had popsicles, I dropped a plastic container of lemonade all over the kitchen floor, and everyone went to bed.

Today brings a karate lesson for Liam, a walk with Zita (Rita) for Damon and I, more Splash lessons, and a trim for Liam's fuzzy haircut that's no longer fuzzy. Oh, and the rest of this:

Swiffer kitchen floor
Run dishwasher
Bathe boys
Mail camp paperwork
Email Girl Scouts about registration
Mow the cilantro back down
Register for summer Y classes
Scrub downstairs toilet (already soaking, yay!)
Find Damon's reading log and record books
Chess with Liam, finish game we started 2 days ago

And Liam has laundry to put away and a sink to scrub. I should probably brush the dog so she doesn't melt. She can't wait to get back inside where it's air conditioned.

Please remember to pray for all the families affected by the downpours and tornadoes across the country. Those twin twisters in Nebraska looked terrifying. I can't even imagine. I'm sure we'll be hearing in the next few days how to help- Red Cross, perhaps. Check in with your churches.

Have a wonderful week and be careful in the heat!