Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How can it be the end of October?

What have we been up to?

Hmm. Let's start with today. We got the big kids out the door onto their respective buses, one at 7:10 and the next at 8:05. I fed the dog, including giving her the daily medications she requires to not be peeing all over the new house, since she's pushing 9 years old and all that.  We went to moms' Bible study, with the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon baked french toast in hand (Google that and start drooling). We then had lunch in the car while dropping off the library books and driving to preschool.

Did I mention Pepe now has 111,200+ miles on him, poor thing? The annual OBX drive has added lots of those, as well as the trip to Disney last summer, but I'm pretty sure the bulk of them have been sneaking on (like cookies to thighs) during the almost-daily trips between the old homestead and the new one. We're either there for the Y, like last night, or for karate, like later tonight, or working on the old house, like always and forever, amen. 

Anyway, then I got groceries all by myself (the sound you hear are moms everywhere sighing in envy) and I put them away by myself and I ate my lunch by myself. I threw a load of laundry in, cast one assessing glance across the kitchen, decided I really should do the dishes that are in the sink, since I am going to need them to make dinner later, but headed over here to blog instead.

Since there's only been one blog post this month, and all. You know.

But last week, Damon rode a school bus for the first time when his preschool class visited the Pumpkin Peddler. They got to ride the bus, have cider and donuts, pick a pumpkin, go on a hayride, and then ride the bus back to school. Woohoo! I even got to go with him. Poor kid almost fell asleep on the way back to preschool, but we all had a pretty good time.

Damon also asked Jesus into his heart last week during one of our many trips to preschool. As Dada says, "table for five in Heaven" for this crew. I'm so thankful for his tender little heart. Be sure to ask him about it!

Liam's been doing really well on the papers which come home in flurries from school. He's had more than one perfect spelling test and has gotten all the required points on his weekly word work, or more. One week he got an extra 10 points for his effort. He's super excited about his birthday this Friday, and the rest of us are nowhere near ready, let me tell you. How is it possible we'll have a 9 year old in the house again? Good gravy!

Miss Carrie has been rejoicing in the leaves. Specifically in the large pile of them which she raked and which she wants nobody else to dive into, look at, or touch. She is loving fall and claims to be getting straight A's and is, at the same time, missing her friends from her old school.

She went to an auction this weekend with Dada and our friend Chris. Seems she enjoyed checking out all the Stuff, which worries me slightly as our family genetics tend to run towards pack-ratted-ness. Packrattedness? Hmm, I like the hyphens better. At any rate, it sounds way better than hoarders. *Shiver*

Dada had been in Zanesville all last week and the bigwigs at work were in town the week before, so we really haven't seen too much of him, sadly. This week is better. We're back into more of a groove.

Grandmama is coming Thursday to play with us this weekend, and Trick or Treat is happening, Liam's birthday is happening, and school parties are happening, and YIKES there's a lot to do. Once again, the Dratted Kitchen Fairy has yet to show up, so I must be off! May your Halloween be delightfully spooky in all the right ways!