Tuesday, October 14, 2014



I always think of something to blog when I'm nowhere near the laptop and then nothing comes to mind when I sit down to actually do anything about it. Tonight, I'm actually sprawled across the loveseat in our library, our fireplace room, our living room, our hardwood floor room.

I like library the best. It's the first time I can think of that I've had a vision for a room. The loveseat is in the middle of one wall with matching bookshelves on both sides. The center of the room has a small, circular, double-tiered coffee table. The far wall has a black leather chair under each of the two windows and our big chair is in between. I even know where our art will go once we get the hammers and nails and hooks out from wherever they've gone into hiding during the move. The corner hutch that Pap made for us is- gasp- in a corner and has one spider plant and one Christmas cactus on top of it. There's a basket of throws, a basket of library books, a basket of kid books, a wire trash can filled with CDs, an empty CD display case, a small milk crate of CDs, and a CD player, unplugged, in the corner between the fireplace and a window behind a black chair. There is a single flame in the fireplace, ha! Woohoooooo!

There's even some items scattered along the mantel: matching candles from a wedding of friends, ceramic seagulls suspended from wires which used to reside at my grandparents' house (I think), a decorative pumpkin admonishing us to "Share the Harvest", a small owl from Grandmama, and an elegant glass cross from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jana.

There's another spider plant and a... um... portos(?) plant on one of the bookshelves. The kind that creeps around and can grow up walls if you leave it alone. The deep green and shiny leaves. Well, if you water it. Mine's looking dusty and curly and parched.

Anyway, we've survived this week into Tuesday evening. This morning was Muffins for Moms at Liam's school, so we had to get Carrie off to the bus and get ready enough to go have muffins and peruse the book fair. Did I mention I'd already baked a fritatta for my moms' Bible study which met after the book fair? And Damon had to get to preschool. And the after school the big kids had karate and homework. Thankfully I'd stuck a roast in the crock pot first thing this morning. I even threw in colorful carrots from our old garden. What's that you say? Yes, carrots come in colors other than orange. Tonight we had purply ones tossed in. Last night I'd used up the orange ones in the potato soup recipe from Aunt Chris. I think there's a single cream-colored one left, which always makes me think of the book Bunnicula, which I'm reading to Liam when we have a few minutes. It's written by the family dog when his family finds a bunny in the movie theater while they're watching Dracula. They also own a cat. I figured it would be perfect for Halloween, as the cat is convinced the bunny is a vampire. Suspiciously white-looking vegetables keep turning up, looking like they've been sucked dry...

Yesterday was a typical Monday. The weekend was busy with church and karate and Dada going to an auction and the kids home from school Friday for their fall break. We went to the Y in the morning, then to Mama Rita's, then we met up with a new mom friend of mine at a coffee shop/ bookstore, and in the evening we hit a pumpkin farm with another family from our small group. After consuming way too many fresh donuts, the corn maze, the hay ride, and general running around, we headed to their house for more running around and fireside goodies. Nice weekend!

PaPa, Grandmama, Hinrew and Muggin are all in Florida this week. I'm a teensy bit jealous, especially when the kids ignore what I'm telling them. I have to say, though, that the trees are absolutely gorgeous and it's not even their peak yet. I generally don't like fall because I hate despise loathe absolutely can not stand winter (I get grumpy when I'm cold) and fall means winter is coming. But. This year I'm trying hard to be thankful for small things, and the trees here at our new home are definitely helping. One half of the trees are almost completely naked already because of the crazy wind and storms we've had blow through in the last week. The huge oaks (there's at least two of them) are just now deciding to start turning colors. We're going to have leaves for YEARS.

So I guess you can keep Florida. I love trees.

I'd probably be singing a different song if it hadn't been 72 degrees today. Indian Summer, I'm sure, but I'll take it. It was 58 when I came home from karate at about 7:30 tonight. I ran around all day in my sandals and jean skirt and a light shirt over a tank top. As Gramps would say, "yippieeeeeeee!"

Alas, the Kitchen Fairy hasn't shown up, never mind the fact that I've already run the dishwasher once today. Whoever keeps cooking really needs to clean up after themselves. =P

Have a wonderful night, and happy birthday to Aunt Sherri!