Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January jibberjabber

While we haven't had much school lately, and it was cancelled again today due to the ice under the snow, we have been up to other stuff. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this month. This poor guy has put up with me for a long, long time. This photo was from his work holiday party.
The kids have taken a session off from their karate class because I'm too wimpy to drive them in the dark and blowing snow both ways while Damon falls asleep in the car, etc. But Dada has been going strong and has leveled up to his next level of krav maga. So did our sweet Zita! This was taken of them right before their test. They both passed and are having fun in their new level.

Miss Carrie had a small cooking lesson yesterday. The topic was mac and cheese. As she's reading off the directions she reports, "one fourth cup of 2% milk, one teaspoon of migraine or butter," ....
I stopped her right there. "Carrie, margarine. Not migraine. Migraines are headaches. We're not adding a dash of headache to the mac and cheese. And the one with a 'b' is a tablespoon, not a teaspoon."
She's also informed us that the fire in the fireplace is down to emeralds. "Hahhahahahaa! I meant EMBERS!"
And last night, I woke up hearing hooting. The boys had taken forever to settle down, so I was halfway out of bed en route to yell at them before I realized the hooting was coming from outside. Sure enough, I spotted two owl-shapes perched in a big tree out back, pretty much straight out from our window. If they were that loud with the furnace going and the windows shut, I can't wait to listen for them in the summer! I'm so excited!