Monday, February 02, 2015


Apparently it is time once again for my annual Groundhog's Day Rant. Because of where I grew up, THE groundhog will always be Punxsutawney Phil, who predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Some imposter from Staten Island, Chuck, forecasted an early spring. Clearly he has not been paying attention. This is Cheeky Beaky, freezy: 

The kids, who once again have no school, were admiring how much snow this tiny tree was holding up this morning.

The snow, even last night before bed, is over the tops of my boots...

If you look at the lower deck, you can see how high the snow is. Kind of deceiving though, because the wind was blowing from the north for a change and these decks are on the back of the house so it shielded them somewhat...

I do love trees. Even trees with snow on them.
And here's the backside of Lalaith Havens. I don't think we've done any pictures of that yet.
Notice anything wrong?
All that virgin snow, and my bootprints are the only ones marring it. What is WRONG with these children? One word.

I'm not sure if you can tell from these tiny pictures, so you may need to click on them to see closer, but the dunes were impressive. You can see grass poking out along a wide swath behind where our woodpile is. But right behind the house the drifts are mid-calf. I'm so glad we don't have tiny dogs, (for lots of reasons), because they'd have been lost just on the deck, hehe!

I guess since the groundhogs can't agree on what's happening, I should just resign myself to another winter of the kids being home more than being in school, more shoveling, and more frigidity. Is that even a word? It should be.
Be safe digging out, and stay warm. I wonder how long it'll be before Cheeky Beaky is thawed out...