Saturday, February 28, 2015

TGIANFA (Thank God it's almost not February anymore!)

What have we been up to? A little of this. Looks like even Lego people have cabin fever... not sure what's happening here. If you want to ask Carrie, I'm sure you'll get a dissertation.
A little of that. Grandmama came to visit for a few days. She ended up coming a day early because the weather was supposed to be rotten on her travel day, and it sure was, so we got a freebie out of her! It feels like a long time ago already, but she was here for Valentine's weekend. It was cold and miserable, just like almost every other day in February, so don't get me started. She was our sunshine.

Yes, Damon spends a lot of time in his pajamas. I've been able to tell just by the laundry if we've had a lot of school during a certain week or not because the boys will just stay in pjs all day if they don't... my loads have been fewer jeans and lots and lots of Spiderman, dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, aliens, and other assorted sleepwear.

There's been LOTS of Minecrafting going on, which keeps them quiet-ish and busy, or loud-ish and squabbling, depending on who is sneaking into whom's world or whatever. That's another discourse right there. Ask them. I don't want to know.

There's been lots of this going on inside because this is what it looks like outside:

Yes, that blob on the porch is Triskal looking pitiful, forgetting she has a double and waterproof coat and wanting to be let back inside. She DID lay down in the snow and enjoyed it last Saturday and Sunday when Dada and I were out pruning our apple trees, which some sadist somewhere said needs to be done in the winter. Whatever. It was above freezing and the sun felt warm, so it was okay. I think we're supposed to see above freezing temps tomorrow, also, along with the one to three to six to ten inches various places are predicting. Yes, again.
We have been hearing tons more birds, which is wonderful. For whatever reason, crows have been lustily calling to each other and I spotted this big guy/gal supervising the field behind our house. Not sure what it is since he/she was feeling uncooperative and wouldn't turn around, but I'm guessing hawk?

I can't begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that today is the last day of February. I'm hoping for a merciful March. I'm tired of wearing two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, and more than one shirt every day. And that's when I'm INSIDE.
Carrie's had three days of the PARCC testing in the last week. I think they're done with the English/Language Arts segments at this point. Still to come are Math and Social Studies. She hasn't been fussed about them, and secretly I think she's glad to have them as it means they're less likely to cancel or delay school since the tests are such a big deal. This kid LOVES school. She has been known to cry on snow days. Truly a Hermione.
Time to start dinner, so ta ta for now!