Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Spring visitors

Since there was a school cancellation yesterday due to the ice and freezing rain and yuck we had, Carrie and I finished the 1000 piece Thomas Kincaid puzzle I'd gotten for my birthday. This picture doesn't really do it justice. It's big and really pretty. We have another one to start, but she couldn't bring herself to take this one apart yet and there isn't room on the table for both of them.
We have bold, fat squirrels that hog the bird food we've put out. We chase them away often so our much, much smaller feathered friends can eat, too. Yesterday I glanced out the front door and got ready to pulverize what I thought was an enormous squirrel. I was pretty surprised to find a raccoon, one of my Grammy's favorite animals!

The kids came to see him and then he wandered around the yard for awhile. Some other visitors came to eat up whatever seeds he'd missed, including this pretty Papa Cardinal and several others of his flock.

I got a kick out of the coon prints. Carrie claims she found the nest back by the creek and she's excited to keep an eye out for him. Yes, I've cautioned her to stay away and that they'll bite if they're scared and that they don't get their shots which means she'll be getting HERS if she's bitten...
The boys were snuggling in the big chair and I couldn't resist.

And off went our visitor, this time out back. I had to take Triskal out on her leash in order to tie her out because she was in a tizzy. He must have strolled right across the deck and caught her eye.

When I put her out last night, there was either a mouse or a mole who scurried right past me quick when I turned the light on in the garage. I was wondering what it had been eating, because we only have pop and milk and juice out there... then I remembered the bags of birdseed Grandmama and PaPa had brought. I haven't had time to check if they're intact yet.
And it smelled REALLY skunky this morning when Carrie left for the bus. Certainly signs of spring with all these critters out and about! Yippieeeeee!