Friday, March 20, 2015

Signs of Spring

I'm pretty sure this is locking the barn after the horse has been stolen, but we've had small, hungry visitors in the garage. Someone nibbled holes in both bags of wild birdseed and made a huge mess all over creation. Now we have glueboards.

Granted, the buckeyes you see are not part of the birdseed mix. Those were all in a bin from the kids collecting them in the Fall. Carrie was supposed to be spreading them out to dry daily, and maybe they did dry, but all winter they've been chilling out in their bin until someone discovered what must have seemed like Heaven...
And Cheeky Beaky has emerged from the snowbank! Poor, poor frozen Cheeky Beaky. He looks like he's plotting his escape to Miami.

This is what's left of our biggest snowbank. It was higher than my waist a few weeks ago. I'll not be sorry to see it completely disappear.
And we're in desperate need of a cleanup on aisle 5... our poor "pond" is full of leaves and ice remnants. I can't imagine the stink that is going to come out of it when we rake those leaves out. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicky.

Virgil Eugene is smiling with relief that he made it to the first day of Spring! If his arms could move, he'd be tossing that winter hat high into the air.
I suppose I best start my favorite job... spring cleaning! Happy first day of spring, everyone!