Friday, March 20, 2015

Snippets of the end of Winter

This little cutie came along to keep me company while we got the carpet cleaned at the old house. He supervised from the counter and ate his peanut butter and jelly on puffy bread (that's a hamburger bun for those of you who don't have puffy bread in your homes). He was very impressed with Blake, the carpet cleaner, and we would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of superbly clean carpets done by a professional.
The cutie below was picked up in the driveway seconds after she got off the bus, and I laid one on her as per Damon's orders. He loves it when we grab her on our way in from preschool, and he LOVES it when I "give Cawwie lips!" You can draw your own conclusions of how SHE feels about the whole situation...

We girls in front of the fire...
and Triskal outside enjoying the snow. Ha!

We were actually outside that day, too, as someone decided that the best time for pruning apple trees is in the dead of winter. So, there's Dada, pruning away. We're new at this, so any advice you may have, please feel free to send it our way.

As much as I love freezy trees, I am SO GLAD it is warming up!