Friday, March 20, 2015

Field trip for Thing Three!

Someone was SO excited to go on his spring field trip. We went to the local children's museum, and he had an absolute ball. This is his on-the-bus smile:

He especially loved the firetruck because of its sirens, horns, and the laser firehose. They had inflatable "fire" that would deflate when the laser dot hit it, so he could actually aim and put out a rooftop "fire". He was really good at it, haha!

They had a humungous display based on water and currents. It involved sprayers and drains and things that float (including the upside down ducky, below) and they even provided small plastic smocks, not that he would wear one.

And, of course, he wore the right shirt for this.

Above, a hurricane wind booth, blowing his hair flat to his head and flapping his shirt around. The student teachers got quite a kick out of this display.
Below, dry ice or something was making mist, so when you pushed on the rim of this display, clouds puffed out. He learned that if you waited a little while for it to fill up with mist, you make impressive clouds when you poofed it.

They had a guitar display which didn't interest him too much, but he liked the size of this Gibson.
However, he LOVED this screwy perspective house. Kids want to go through it again and again, and again. And one more time. And again. Adults were coming out and making comments about feeling sick. I think it's the same principle where kids can roll down a big hill, pop up, stagger a minute, and race back to the top to repeat it. Grownups who do attempt it are usually down for the count.

Behind the ambulance was an entire hospital section with Xray displays, clipboards in Admissions, baby dolls in incubators, etc. Really well thought out.
We were exhausted when we got home!
Perfect trip.