Monday, April 13, 2015

Dear Diary

It isn't even 8:30 yet and I can tell for sure that it's a Monday.

 Carrie staggered into the only one of the four bathrooms in our home that I was using first thing to tell me how tired she was and how she wanted to go back to bed and how it's too eaaaaaaarly. I suppose girls who pee together stay together. We headed out and caught her bus without incident. There was a fellow bus rider who waved enthusiastically to me as it pulled away, and it wasn't Carrie. Cracked me up.

On the stroll back into the house, I noticed our mini daffodils are all open and facing excitedly toward the sunrise. I'm pretty sure they weren't doing that yesterday. That's one of the best parts of a new house... seeing what comes up and where and when. All these fun plants that we didn't have to plant! Yay!

Of course, Liam isn't up at this point, though he should be. Dada even set his alarm and turned it on last night for him. Round one. Ding ding!

He comes down, griping that Damon kept him awake all night and that he wouldn't stop talking, which we already knew as we'd both been in there more than once to talk to them about not talking any more! I popped some trusty, fast, Eggo waffles into the toaster to get him moving and that helped turn things around. He got dressed, finished breakfast, stripped his bed, brushed his teeth, and had 10 minutes of Lego time. As I'm rejoicing over this improved morning attitude, we meander out to the bus.

He hugs me, and I notice the pockets of his fleece are BULGING. That kid tried to smuggle two pockets full of Legos to school on the first day after break!

I've been snookered!

As I'm fishing Legos out of his pockets (which are way deeper than girl pockets, naturally) and into mine, naturally the bus shows up and I can't even get them all. I send him off, admonishing him to "keep those in your pocket!!" He waves cheerfully and off he goes.

I get back into the house, not in as sunny of a mood as when I left, and I almost trip over the orange flip flops spread out in front of the door. I look in a little farther, and there's a pajama-clad, robe-clad, hoodie-over-robe-clad Damon announcing he's going outside. But needs socks.

I tipped off Liam's teacher that she may want to use her XRay vision first thing and perhaps store certain belongings in a safe location until the end of the day. Nothing like shattering illusions of a perfect first day back from spring break before she's had her mug of tea...

I was going to finish my coffee from yesterday, but when I checked my mug, I noticed what I thought was a hair floating in it. Upon further examination, the black ant must have needed the caffeine more than I did, and fresh coffee was brewed after all.

Dinner is in the crock pot, the second load of sheets is in the washer, the dog's been let outside, Damon is socked and booted and also let outside, so now maybe I can go have a bowl of cereal. I've only been up for a little over two hours.

Today they'll all have karate lessons, I hope to get to Aldi, Walmart, the post office, the tax office, and the Y.

Um, is it bedtime yet?