Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Play doh fun and family fun

We broke out the play doh while Hinrew and Muggin were here. Carrie created a desert island.
Liam's tropical fishies:

Muggin's bicycle and trail:

Crazy hair guys. Damon even had homework involving play doh over spring break (the kids have blizzard bags of make up work from all the bad weather days this winter) so our play doh has had quite a workout lately. I always forget how much fun it is. We even tried to get Grandma Barb to play along!

Who are these strangers? I'm glad you asked. And I'm sorry that I forgot to crop the photos, ha. This is my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sue, and cousins Glenn and Rachel. They were roadtripping from New Mexico to Pennsylvania before driving to Kentucky on their way back home. Damon and I skipped his last day of preschool before spring break and met up with them in PA. They hadn't been back east for several years, and had never met him. Sadly, Hinrew and Muggin both had to work and couldn't make it, though my parents were there. It was a great reunion, even if it was only a little while together. Thanks for penciling us into your busy schedule, and we're glad to hear you're home safe!


Jeff Cunningham said...

SO GOOD to see you two!!! WAAAAY too short.

Val said...

I know it. And we didn't take nearly enough pictures or anything. But it was way better than nothing!