Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Taste of Spring

Some of you also experienced unseasonably warm weather last weekend and were able to enjoy the great outdoors as we did. The kids ran around outside (blowing the stink off) most of the day while Triskal and I putzed around, tidying and supervising. Dada got to go to krav and grappling alone as we'd squeezed all our required classes in early in the week. 

Carrie had built a lean-to our first fall in this house. It was still standing, so of course she decided to take it down and use the supplies to build a bigger one. She commandeered helpers. 

Apparently they're done with one side of it and the other side needs work. I haven't checked it yet to see if it's withstood the wind and rain we've had today. It kept them pretty busy for a good while, but it is hard to find good help these days, and sure enough there were soon light saber battles:

And breaks for love:

Then we had a campfire to whittle down our ever-expanding woodpile. Dada and I used the warmth and light to prune some growth off the apple trees and he attempted to clean up a gooseberry bush. The moon came out and we had a lovely fire, though sadly there were only three large marshmallows left in the bag, so no s'mores.