Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow day shenanigans

We got a little bit of the storm that everyone else is getting, enough that the school called first thing to announce they were starting off with a 2 hour delay. 

Sure enough, they called back to say that school was now closed. So after sleeping in a bit, we girls suited up and did battle with the snow after a bit of goofing around:

We did the whole driveway and she headed over to do the neighbor's next. I decided I didn't want her to do anywhere near the road, so I headed over after her, began at the street so I could work my way towards her, and heard Carrie talking to the neighbor at her front door. What I didn't hear was her bartering. Carrie claimed to be a lawn care service provider and would work for banana bread (which we already have in our fridge, but never mind) but the neighbor laughed and said, "sorry, don't have time to cook today. Here's $5. Just do the sidewalk, don't worry about the driveway."


Oh well. 

So we got two driveways done in an hour. It's still coming down and is supposed to continue until around 4 this afternoon. 


JC said...

I LOVE that girl. She's so funny!
And my heart delights in your generous, servant spirit.