Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Behind in the garden again

In my head that title went along to "back in the saddle again" so now you know how to sing it right. 

Anyway, here's a conglomerate of garden photos, so if it's not your thing just skip it and I won't be offended. These were taken at least a week ago so things are either larger or more wilted now thanks to the heat and the lack of rain. I've been watering what feels like a lot, but apparently some things are thirstier than others and I underestimated how much good Dada's soaker hoses did in the old house's raised bed gardens...

Eggplant above, cabbage below, REALLY yummy cabbage below that... hmmmm....

The above guys are pepper plants and they don't look any different than the day we transplanted them, even today. 

Below are tomatoes and they're doing okiedokie for the most part. We did add some eggshells and coffee grounds around some of them as we were starting to see some of the blossom end rot.

Damon's mystery Kindergarten plant has revealed itself to be a green bean, which the bunnies seem to enjoy.

A mystery melon is growing in the compost pile:

Cattails flourishing in the creek.

We ghetto-styled our herb garden. These poor guys were all in pots forever, so if any of them make it it'll be a miracle. As we are pizza lovers and save our boxes to start our fires, we had plenty to hopefully kill off the relentless weeds that grow in the courtyard around this tiny tree. 

We popped the herbs and a few flowers in there (yellow ones are citrine, there's a sage, an oregano, two rosemaries, and other assorted sprouts my brain lost the names of) and just water the boxes and all. Eventually the boxes will decompose. We might toss compost on top this fall and let the whole thing set to see what happens over the winter. 

The Brussels Sprouts are on wave two of caterpillars, darn it, so we need to spray again. The shallots and garlic don't seem to be flourishing, but rather hanging in there. And I had no idea cucumbers would be so incredibly thirsty, but I suppose it makes sense as they're mostly water. Ours are brown and crispy and accusing-looking. The peas? Forgetaboutit. They didn't even make it to the trellis thanks to the bunnies. 

We do, however, have happy bunnies who think the world of their kind humans who plant salad bars for them...

These are purple morning glories but we call them "the Grandma Barb flowers" because I had her watch a pot of them while we moved back from Illinois or somewhere and they took over her front porch garden. She had purple twining flowers everywhere. EVERYWHERE. They were lovely. I'm trying to feed this one all through that little fence, but it is bound and determined to grow UP instead of sideways. I'll keep trying.

Slow down, summer! 

And here are the guys out front: