Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Make new friends but keep the old

So I've been blessed with this particular BFF since I was six. SIX! Damon is six NOW. You can not even imagine the shenanigans we've been up to in that amount of time. 

This is clearly not the best picture of us that's ever been taken, but this is my dearly beloved Lisa after three days and two nights at our house. With seven kids aged 13 to not yet 2 years old. Without her husband along on this trip. See how brave she is?

Clearly two of these children don't belong to either of us specifically, but one of my other besties joined us at the park. The now-nine of them bonded instantly and had a blast running and running and running and hollering like the crazy fools they are.

Is he big enough to count as a tenth child? Carrie found him. Big surprise.

And here's little mister, staying out of trouble while his mom packs the car. He was plunking lava rocks in the bin of water.

All day we'd watched the weather as it threatened online to storm. It didn't, it didn't, it still didn't. So we made s'mores. And it poured, POURED on our s'mores. And then it stopped.

Life is good.