Monday, February 13, 2017

A Big Chair, A Boy, and His Bucket. And karate graduation.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the ones portrayed here are:

We now join the ranks of those who have gone before us, those who also have cleaner bathrooms thanks to the aftermath of the stomach bug...

Thankfully it seemed to be a one-time occurrence. I kept him home Friday because he felt a bit warm upon awakening, but by lunch time he was his normal self and asking for his regular favorite foods. 

We made it to karate graduation on Saturday where he was awarded the brown belt that he'd earned, wahoo! We now get to go to one class for all the kids and can get all of our classes accomplished in two or three days instead of three to four. Yippie! That clomping you hear would be me attempting an Irish jig.

I apologize for the cruddy pictures. The stage lights overpowered anything my phone could do...

That's Liam on the right, escaping from Elizabeth's bear hug from behind.

The white blob is Damon, mid kick. I have a video of the whole kata but can't figure out the tech difficulties of getting it from my phone to the blog. It lets me post pictures but not videos from my phone. What's up with that?

Carrie and the sticks from weapons class. Again, I have video of the combinations, but apparently it's just for me. *sigh*

Sunday we all made it to church for the first time in what seemed like forever as Dada had been in North Carolina for work during the two previous Sundays. I got to snuggle a sweet, sleeping baby girl and then enjoyed the sunshine while pruning our apple trees a little more. 

Everyone made it to school and work today, so I've been brushing and trimming Triskal and may or may not snip some more off the trees out back. 

Valentines for the boys' class parties tomorrow are already finished, the snacks have been sent in as well, and we mailed the ones we planned to mail. Have a terrific Valentine's week, everyone, and stay away from the germs!