Friday, February 17, 2017

And speaking of love languages...

Church has begun a new series based off of Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages, which is truly fascinating information. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a Quality Time kind of person over anything else, and that it totally psychs me out when I find the right gift for someone because I am NOT a Gift kind of person. Sweet Dada appreciates Acts of Service over Words of Affirmation, which is another one that comes naturally to me, so I need to work on showing love to him in the way that he best receives it instead of just doing what's easy for me. The kids are all different as well, but Quality Time for any kid makes a big difference. I'll put a link at the bottom so you can check out the info. I see a lot of potential in how it helps with relationships of all kinds. 

But Mr. Chapman neglected to mention my true love language: cookies.

That's right. I am, above and beyond, a Cookie Monster at heart. That's why this particular $2 find at Goodwill made me do a happy dance:

I love to eat cookies, to bake cookies, to ship cookies in the mail, to deliver cookies to others, and to eat still more cookies. Cookie Monster IS my spirit animal.

And now you're getting the general idea of why this time of year is so dangerous:

~the oven warms up the house and makes it smell pretty
~Girl Scouts are selling crack cookies 
~since I can't hibernate I might as well bake
~people need cookies to cheer them up in winter doldrums
~Valentine's Day means fun heart shaped chocolate cookies
~and fun sprinkles
~nobody's really sticking to their resolutions by now anyway
~I got a new cookie cookbook for Christmas and have to test out all those new recipes
~we have kids and kids request cookies
~bananas headed to the dark side need transformed into creations other than banana bread sometimes

So, grab some cookies (and hug those precious Girl Scouts) and tune in to listen to the messages here about the love languages and how they help you better relate to those around you. And have some milk. And another cookie!