Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)

We've discovered an amazing ice cream place in town and are going to be F-A-T...

Yes, that is every bit as amazing (and as blue!) as it looks. It might be my favorite there, though the Coffee Oreo and Caramel Brownie are also outstanding...

These are World Peace Cookies by Dorie Greenspan, author of multiple cookbooks but especially the new one I got for Christmas. Every recipe I've tried from it so far has been a hit, from the Almond Crescents which surprisingly Carrie will NOT leave alone to these World Peace Cookies which are absolutely to die for if you like true chocolate cookies and not just sugared chocolate cookies. Even the chocolate ice cream recipe with vodka in it was yummy!

Did I mention F-A-T? I'm gonna be 500 miles WIDE if I keep this up. Some of you are remembering the meme I added to my Facebook wall about my beach body being postponed this year until further notice. I'm not in shape. Wait. Round is a shape, right?

And let's be honest, all those veggies mentioned in the garden post will not be in place of the above yummies, rather they'll be in addition to. I'm a Hobbit at heart, what can I say?