Saturday, April 01, 2017

I have no explanation #517

Apologies to Zita, who already heard/saw this story.

Dada is home from a week in North Carolina and, bless him, took all the kids to karate so I could have some peace and tackle things which are better tackled without the Minions of Underfoot. (That one's mine.) 

I started in the boys' Kingdom of Underbed (that one's Stephen King's) because God only knows how long it would take and how much would need to be under there before the boys would think to attempt it. Thankfully, there were no critters alive or dead, just fairly damning Hershey Kisses wrappers strewn from Hither to Yon (they are not supposed to eat anywhere except the dining room. You can draw your own conclusions about how well that policy is working), art materials, styrofoam peanuts, origami Star Wars characters in various stages of crumplage (that's mine, too), plastic Army soldiers... 


For real. Sorry. Had to chase away the one at the bird feeder. Where was I?

Oh... used up glow sticks, tissues, chap sticks, pencil erasers, naked G.I. Joes (see, it isn't just a Barbie thing, interestingly enough), rubber frogs, rubber Duckies, a plastic snake, bristle blocks and plastic gears, coins of all denominations, slipper socks, rubber band bracelets and rings, gum wrappers, broken rubber bands, a peanut butter jar containing molding clay, and other oddments.

By no means did I get everything, but I pitched a bunch, recycled more, sorted some, and then moved on.

Up next was Damon's closet as I'd noticed piles inside threatening to creep out. As I was already sitting, I started from the floor and worked up. I repacked the shorts away since it's not quite time for them on a regular basis yet (give it a week, right?) and noticed that there were long sleeve shirts shoved into his underwear drawer. My brain goes ??? and my eyes dart up: 

That's exactly what I did. That snort of laughter and the bewildered, "what the heck is he thinking!?" before the realization of "waitaminute, it's April Fool's Day, so he may very well have been set up." They're all at karate for another two blessed hours so my curiosity will just have to wait!

Carrie someone switched all the cereal bags from their boxes into different boxes, which made things interesting on a we-gotta-get-out-the-door morning. Someone had also loosened the top of Damon's Mama-filled water bottle, which meant that when I grabbed it to set it by his sparring bag the lid with straw attached came but nothing else did, spraying huge water drops across the table and onto a very surprised Liam. However, judging from his lack of immediate outrage which I would have suspected, he may have observed the Someone who'd tampered with it. Thankfully the bottom stayed put or I might have ended up on the news. I can only imagine what lies ahead...