Monday, April 10, 2017

Auction preview

Dada found a school they're prepping for demolition so everything must go, right? The kids and I joined him rather grudgingly to check out all the Stuff, but it quickly turned into a fascinating experience.

Anyone know when the STOMP auditions are? Or Blue Man Group, perhaps? We've got a live one...

"Is it bigger than a breadbox?"

Look, aliens, AKA overhead projectors! These reminded me of those yep yep yep aliens from Sesame Street.

Don't tell Lisa that we found of the desks she loves so...

Adorable smiling snowmen curtains! 

I'm having flashbacks of the old ESCO desk. RIP old friend. Dada said it sold for $80.

Just lookit this kid. He's so small he can swing his legs and those big feet without touching the floor, but I know if I blink he'll be draping himself all over that desk and the one beside him just like Jeremy from the Zits comic. 

There were entire walls of lockers to be sold. We found the ones with the kids birth years all in a row together but didn't NEED an entire wall of lockers so they did not sell to us. Overall it was a neat experience and I'm glad Dada didn't have to go by himself after two weeks in North Carolina without us. The kids even checked out the attic and claimed to see a rat skeleton, so of course the trip ranked pretty high with them!