Saturday, April 01, 2017

Mystery Adventure

Dada surprised us last night by being home in time for dinner instead of the after-bedtime ETA we'd been expecting, so we packed him up and took him along on a Mystery Adventure. 

We headed to the next school district over for a night of children's theater one acts. Their show runs again tonight and tomorrow afternoon as well. I had an inkling our kids would know some of the theater kids, and sure enough, as soon as we got there Liam pulled a Nana and ended up not even sitting with us. He joined a posse of his friends, some of whom are in the show and some who have siblings with parts. I thought it was so neat to take our kids to something other than karate or other sports to see real kids they know doing something that also takes practice and teamwork and creativity. Apparently this theater would love to have some fresh blood and are flexible with commitments throughout the year. I think we'll be looking into it, especially over the summer when we're not bogged down with homework and enjoy looser (and later) bedtimes.

Then, of course, we had to pull a PaPa and "go be bad". The ice cream shop a few blocks from us was already closed (what's THAT all about, people!? Sheesh. Some people's Priorities.) so we headed across town to the one that has the Cookie Monster ice cream mentioned in a previous post. I had a serving of The Bomb, and if I read the upside down bullet points right it mentioned butterscotch, chocolate chips, toffee bits, something peanut buttery in vanilla bean ice cream. Aptly named! "It comes in pints?! I'm getting one!" (That would be Pippin in "The Fellowship of the Ring" for those of you keeping track.)

By the time we were home, Damon was close to tears with tiredness and alas, they all had folded laundry on their beds waiting to be put away. We made it through the bedtime routine minus any reading of The Hobbit (for the boys) or The Scorpio Races (for Carrie) and everyone seemed to sleep soundly. It was a great date! I love Mystery Adventures!