Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of school 2013-2014

Our beautiful Care Bear, ready for *gulp* FIFTH GRADE!

And our handsome Liam, entering second grade. Yes, he remembered to get shoes on before he left for the bus.

They were so excited that the were bursting at the seams. Fifth graders got laptops this year, so that's why Carrie looks like she's headed off with half her belongings attached to her. She has a brand new backpack and lunchbox which I told her she had to use until college, and she got a cover/carrying case for the laptop.

There were eight school age kids at the bus stop this morning and since I only knew three of them (besides our two) I didn't want to post pictures in case any of the parents have privacy issues, etc. Lots of homes in our neighborhood have been for sale or sold, so it was nice to see we've got new kids in the neighborhood!
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