Tuesday, August 20, 2013


School starts next Monday. We're not quite ready yet.

We got home from the Outer Banks after midnight on Sunday morning, dumped everything out of the car after we woke up properly, looked at the mess, looked at each other, then decided, "the heck with it" and went to Maumee Bay for one more day of sun and sand and water. The mess can wait.

Then we went again yesterday with Mama Rita, Nina, and Jonathan. Hehe!

However, we also washed the kids' sheets and remade their beds, scheduled and went to an appointment with Dr. Jon because Carrie has a classic case of.... duh duh duh DUH, poison ivy! He recommended Benadryl and steroids, and she'll be good as new when school starts. She will, however, have to attend picture retake day since the school pictures were today.

So today we got a few more groceries, dropped off all our school paperwork, had Liam take his school picture, picked up Carrie's school supplies which included her new backpack and lunchbox since her olds ones look like they'd been chased by a lawnmower, had some playground time, got lunch from Wendy's, and are now all recovering. Damon's down for his nap, I just scrubbed the last toilet of the week, our sheets are on the line, and chicken legs are in the crock pot. Trying to decide where next to attack the mess.

I think I'll blog instead.

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