Wednesday, March 05, 2014

New Email Message

New Email Message
To: Jesus
From: Mama

Dear Jesus,

If Care Bear is this much of a dork at age 10, what are the teenager years going to look like?


You have one new email.
To: Mama
From: Jesus

Dear Mama,

Good luck with that.


The big kids have started karate. At least twice and up to three times a week they have class, in which they also need to wear their uniform (called a gi) and turn in their time cards so that they get credit for said classes. They've learned a few blocks and that when they yell, "eye-yah" that it's like putting a period at the end of a sentence. No matter how many moves you have in a series, the "eye-yah" comes at the very end. It's been a handy tool for proofreading language arts homework, as in, "Carrie, you forgot your "eye-yah" and you also need your capital letter." They seem to be very much enjoying themselves and we're hopeful that the discipline of karate will permeate the rest of our lives.

I say hopeful because today Carrie came home from school in this 23 degree weather with no hat. And with no viola, for the 3rd day in a row. And a weekend in which she didn't bring it home on Friday. And her concert is in two weeks.

We won't mention how much we're hoping for focus and discipline for Liam, as well. (His spring concert is also in two weeks. Same concert. He'll be singing, she'll be stringing. Hehe!)

On another topic, I got to have my very first art lesson yesterday. It ran from 6-9 pm at a local foundation which hosts all kinds of classes. I was one of eight ladies who'd signed up. In my case, I'd BEEN signed up by my sweet husband who thought it'd make an excellent birthday present. He was right. It was originally scheduled for last month, but we'd had predictably cruddy weather and they decided to reschedule rather than have nobody show up. 

At any rate, I enjoyed myself while learning about light and shadow, different hardnesses of pencils, practicing drawing what I REALLY saw instead of what I thought I saw, and using a knitting needle to measure proportions. I kept thinking how much I wish I could have taken the class with my Grammy, and how much she would have enjoyed it. The other ladies worked in various other art forms from quilting and knitting to photography and watercolors.

I am being summoned to play a quick game with Liam before dinner, so I must dash. Stay warm and safe and... Liam added "lovable", so lovable it is. Stay warm and safe and lovable! =)