Saturday, March 22, 2014

Out with the old

Spring is finally here and that calls for something new. I decided to start another blog that will showcase our funny quotes. For years we've scribbled them on poster boards here at the house and then I've transcribed them to this blog once the poster board was full. Then we hang them in the basement for visitors to enjoy.

Well, the ceiling has sprung a few leaks over the years and some of the poster boards have gotten dripped on and the ink has run. They're looking a big pathetic, to be honest. My plan is to get them all retro-written onto this new blog and then print them off into a fun coffee table book. I'm not sure how long said plan will TAKE, but I'm going for it anyway.

The new blog is already linked to this one, and vice versa. You can find the link in the panel to the right of these words under the heading Telling It Like It Is. The official address is here and I hope you enjoy it.

What have we been up to, since I haven't been blogging? I believe we've only had two school cancellation days this month, right in the middle of last week as we got pelted with 8+ inches of snow on Wednesday and then endured a frigid Thursday. All of the snow is almost gone, except the once-huge piles by the driveway and mailbox. Everyone is relieved.

Last night was our elementary school's last movie night of the year, and it was Carrie's last for forever at that school. Next year she'll be off to the junior high and will be too old for such things. However, last night both big kids had a great time watching "Frozen" with their friends while huddling in their sleeping bags. They came home singing and full of popcorn.

We've been eagerly watching our returning feathered friends. A pair of cardinals have been visiting for the last month or so. The killdeer came back the day before those 8+ inches last week. Probably see Goldfinches any time now. Red winged blackbirds visited our feeders after the snow and were joined by a handful of starlings and some field birds that I don't know names for. Squirrels don't live in our neighborhood because our trees aren't mature enough, but I've seen them dashing all over downtown. And we finally caught the mouse (or A mouse, more likely) in the garage who'd been pilfering seeds and snacking in my car. Grrrr.

We are one week away from the last grading period, the spring concert was a success, and blizzard bags are due to come home to help everyone catch up on missed work from this horrid winter. It was nice to have Grandma Barb and Pap visit in time for the concert. Liam's class sang and Carrie's string class performed three songs. Their next concert will be in May and instead of plucking, they'll be using their bows. I think it was a nice birthday event for Grandma Barb, and we had a tried-and-true cake recipe that I substituted butterscotch pudding into, to rave results. She even had a visit from our friend Patti and those two chatted the afternoon away.

We've been partaking in Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's and the assorted treat from Mr. Freeze, which is open, yes. The kids were befuddled on St. Patrick's Day when they poured their own white milk into their cereal only to discover the milk in their bowls turning green. Good times.

Karate is going well. They have practice 2-3 times a week and I can't say enough good things about the establishment. I already posted on Facebook about how professional, friendly, courteous, and patient the staff is with the students. Truly a respectful atmosphere, and they explain directions and cause/effect in a clear manner that the kids can easily understand. We all love it. Definitely worth getting rid of cable for. I'm looking forward to Damon beginning his classes once he's 4 and a half. There are some tiny people in class!

It has also been a sad winter here as we've said goodbye to several friends who've passed on. Dada lost a coworker a few months ago and has had two coworkers lose their mothers this month. A friend from the Cathedral passed away and my camp director from Lambec joined his Father in Heaven. Rita's father in India had a stroke and quickly declined. She flies back from the funeral trip today. A mom from my moms' group's grandfather passed away. A college roommate's older sister was struck by a car and killed while she was jogging. What a miserable winter.

And yet, with the coming of spring, the new babies are arriving. Baby Addison next door is three months old already, but there is a new baby girl across the street, and our sweet friends in New York, the Columbias, have just had baby Calvin. There are plenty more on the way, and I'm looking forward to lots of snuggles!

Tonight we'll go to our usual church service and tomorrow it's my week in the nursery. Soon it'll be spring break so I fully expect more snow. It IS Ohio, after all.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check out the new quote board over at Telling It Like It Is !